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Dr Olaf Lubas, Monika Polipowska -Humanisation of Medicine

10 December 2022

Humanising medicine means combining professional medical care with seeing the human side of the patient. This means that the doctor and nurse should not only know how to perform a particular medical procedure or treatment, but also understand the patient's emotions, pain, suffering and joy. Seeing this other side of the patient allows for a more holistic approach to medical care and ensures a better patient experience. The patient's emotions do not take away from the professionalism of medical care, but actually improve it.

The humanisation of medicine is an expression of advances in healthcare. Thanks to technological developments and an understanding of the role of communication and ethical aspects in medical care, we can provide maximum medical care and benefits to patients. The humanisation of medicine may be the last station in the development of the field, but it is also what we ourselves would want to obtain if we were in the patient's shoes.