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Prof. Ewa Baum Recommends publication: Education in Central and Northern Europe

10 December 2022

I recommend to you the monograph entitled. 'Schooling in Central and Northern Europe. On the need for transcultural education: social, ethical, musical and health aspects". The book, published in Polish and English, addresses topics related to transcultural education, which is increasingly important nowadays, when we are dealing with increasing cultural diversity. The monograph is authored by international experts in the field of education and edited by Prof. Ewa Murawska and Prof. Mikołaj Markowski. The publication was published by the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań, thanks to a Norwegian grant. I am convinced that this publication will be a valuable source of knowledge for all those interested in the issues of transcultural education.

Systemic education in Scandinavia.

Scandinavian countries such as Iceland, Norway and Germany are renowned for their high quality system education, which focuses on the spiritual and emotional development of children. As a result, they are raising happy citizens with strong inner resources.

One way to build these resources is to incorporate music and music therapy into the educational process. This can influence children's subjective assessment of their quality of life and help them achieve happiness.

It is also important to understand the cultural context in which children are raised. Ignorance of this context can lead to underachievement and social exclusion. It is therefore important to be a lifelong learner and open to new experiences.