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Mr. Stanislaw flies away

15 December 2022

Mr Stanislaw feels in his bones that it is time for a great adventure. He asks his grandson Franio to take care of his dog Znajdek the Curly, and bravely embarks on the journey of a lifetime.

- towards the clouds. He soon discovers with delight that the world looks completely different from above. But what happens when the old man touches the sky with the top of his head? And is it true that blue is nice to touch and very soft? This poetic and touching story, spun jointly by Justyna Bednarek and Paweł Pawlak, cheerfully presents the theme of saying goodbye to a loved one and helps a child come to terms with loss.


This book is made up of a great many abstract elements, and the illustrations intensify them even more. One should not look for logic in the book, as it is based primarily on metaphors. The story creates a sense of security in the reader. It encourages us to marvel at the world, pay attention to nature and learn to enjoy it. It is full of fantasy, does not build barriers, does not set limitations. It shows that the whole reality around us works as intended, and its mechanism is delightful and admirable. Mr Stanisław decides to leave in order to be able to keep an eye on his grandson "from above". It is to him that he entrusts his beloved dog. He knows that with the boy he will be safe and happy. The man is

fulfilled and joyful. The whole story is full of optimism and peace, and death itself is uncharacteristically described here as a beautiful event, rich in colours and shapes unknown on earth.