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Seven Owl Feathers. A memoir of my illness

15 December 2022

A wise, touching and humorous unsentimental tale of illness and death, in which magic is intertwined with hospital reality.

Wojtek, nicknamed Buttermilk because of his tendency to bruise, lives in hospital for the time being. Here he has colleagues with whom he gets on well, but he also has many questions, none of which he knows the answers to. Fortunately, he sneaks out of the room at night and together with his grandfather they make long-distance trips, during which much is explained. The many friendships on the ward make Wojtek more cheerful and he never loses hope.

A story by Katarzyna Rydy for older children, which, like the books "The Lionhearted Brothers" or "Oskar and Madame Rose", deals with the subject of a child's serious illness. Like them, it talks openly about the most important issues, while at the same time offering the opportunity to immerse oneself in a world of magic and a land of imagination that soothes the emotions of the protagonist and the reader.

Nomination for IBBY Book of the Year Award