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Florka. Emails to Klemens

15 December 2022

Flora's friend is in hospital - the children cannot meet, but they can exchange emails. A warm story about two little friends who report back to each other on everyday events: Florka from kindergarten, Klemens from hospital. A warm, humorous story for preschoolers.

Imagine how bad it would have been for him there without news of what was going on at their Tigger nursery. And if he wouldn't get kisses-joy from Florka! And how bad it would be for Florka if she could not share her thoughts with her friend. And she has a lot to think about.

For here Flora, the very friendly shrew, is confronted with the surprising behaviour of her friends. And she finds out that not everyone who claims to be a friend is a true friend! So you have to be very careful... about your own behaviour too, because before you know it, there's an agama weighing you down like a stone!