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Rinovirus landing. Cold

15 December 2022

Dr Florenty Orzeszko captivates with his somewhat romantic manner - he inherited his name from his beloved grandmother Florentyna, he travels to his patients on his scooter wearing a 'peanut' helmet (indeed!) and he always has trainers on his feet, whatever the season. But above all, he is a great doctor who always gets to his sick patients on time. What viruses are - how they work and how they cause illness - how the body defends itself against their attack - what lymphocytes are - how a thermometer works and why it is necessary to take the temperature - what syrup and nasal drops are, where they are bought, how they should be taken - what happens in noses that drip and why the thermometer then shows an elevated temperature... With his original drawings, children will be able to better understand how the body functions, what helps it and what destroys it.