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There is no heaven

15 December 2022

A story of love and medical dilemmas.

"No Heaven" is an unpredictable story about doctors, their patients and the relationships between them - the exhausting sense of responsibility, empathy, an excess of which can become a force that destroys both parties, dilemmas and dilemmas. And all this woven into a love story that could become the love story of modern times.

Read! You may suddenly see a completely different person in your doctor....

Invited into the office, he sat down with his head lowered. It suddenly flashed through my mind that this was already a completely different man. At first I could not name it. It was as if he had suddenly dimmed... He remained silent and listened. I said I was sorry and it was hard to let him know. I repeated everything for the umpteenth time, each time choosing my words differently, because it seemed he didn't understand me again. He did understand. He stood up abruptly.

The chair he pushed away collapsed to the floor with a bang. He didn't even look back.

"What are you bullshitting me about, man? What are you gymnastising for? You don't give a shit about me or what you say! You don't give a shit what it means to me! This is your job! How much does anyone pay you to say things like that to other people?"