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On signal. From the life of a paramedic

15 December 2022

(Emergency medical services)

'At the Signal. From the life of a paramedic' are not tales pulled out of the blue. The life of a paramedic is difficult and not everyone is able to cope with it. An added bonus of this publication is that Lysa Walder herself has experienced a lot while practising the medical profession. The work of a paramedic requires one to courageously take on challenges that are sometimes beyond human comprehension.

After all, how do you get over it when you witness a child fighting an asthma attack or dying on the pavement from a stab wound? A paramedic comes into contact on a daily basis with distraught parents of children who have risked their lives, with people suffering from many serious medical conditions. Their role is to fight for life - whatever the circumstances and whoever their patient is - sacrificially, until the last moments.

Excerpt from publisher's description