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Rights from a sociopedagogical perspective

14 December 2022

Patients' rights are specific in nature. They relate to an exceptional situation. The patient comes to the doctor at a time of suffering, pain, difficulty. The doctor has the knowledge and skills to treat. He has the ability to help the patient. However, treatment involves entering into a necessity in an intimate sphere of a person's life. Attention is now being drawn to the need for partnerships in medicine. However, it seems that a similar situation cannot be ended. At a certain stage of treatment, the patient must 'entrust' the person to the doctor. He or she must trust him or her. But do patients know their rights? It is also worth considering: Do future doctors know the rights of the patient? Do they understand how important they are? How do universities prepare future doctors for contact with patients? Are there facilities in Poland that educate patients in this area? This article attempts to answer the questions presented.

https://ruj.uj.edu.pl/xmlui/bitstream/handle/item/165399/hajdukiewicz_heitzman_propozycja_ forms_consent_patient_for_hospitalization_psychiatric_and_treatment_2010.pdf?sequenc e=1&isAllowed=y