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Concept, sources and scope of medical law Medical Law System Volume 1

14 December 2022

It is a comprehensive study on medical law. Volume I contains terminological considerations and collectively presents the characteristics of individual medical professions as professions of public trust, the principles of obtaining the right to practice by their representatives, as well as institutional forms of exercising the profession. A detailed list of issues discussed in the publication:

  • the relationship of medical law to medical ethics and bioethics, and the main sources of this branch of law.
  • the constitutional foundations of the health care system and, in particular, the guarantees regarding patients' rights.
  • the rules for obtaining the right to practise for the various medical professions, including their training system.
  • institutional forms of performing medical activities and, in particular, conducting the so-called professional practice of doctors, dentists, nurses and midwives. This section also presents the rules of control exercised over medical entities and professional practices.
  • legal remedies applicable in the event of violations of the rights and interests of medical professionals. In this context, civil, criminal and administrative legal protection, as well as measures under labour law, are discussed.
  • the organisation of the health care system and the principles of its financing.
  • the different types of medical activities, showing their characteristics and importance in the different areas of the healthcare system.
  • issues concerning medicinal products and medical devices, including the rules on their registration and advertising.
    The issues discussed are based not only on the current state of the law, but also their broader historical context and the achievements of doctrine and jurisprudence in the analysed area are presented. Such a formula has made the study comprehensive and meets the criteria of a system of medical law.