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The beginning of human life - bioethical challenges and risks

14 December 2022

Another publication by the Bioethics Committee of the Bydgoszcz Medical Chamber and Ludwik Rydygier Medical College at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, edited by Prof. Władysław Sinkiewicz, MD, PhD, and Rev. Dr. Rafał Grabowski, MD, PhD, is a continuation and an important voice in the discussion on in vitro and contemporary threats to the beginning of human life The statements of Drs.

The articles written by: Prof. Maciej Barczentewicz, MD, PhD, Małgorzata Chudzińska, MD, Marek Czarkowski, MD, Prof. Janusz Gadzinowski, MD, Anna Grzanka Tykwińska, MD, Prof. Anna Latos-Bieleńska, MD, Bogumił Łoziński, Rev. Władysław Sinkiewicz, prof. dr hab. Włodzimierz Wróbel raise, among others, the problems of the value of the conceived human life, bioethical and medical aspects of in vitro fertilisation, naprotechnology, ethical and moral aspects of prenatal tests, status and protection of the conceived child in the light of Polish legal regulations.