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Bioethics. Anatomy of a dispute

14 December 2022

In Bioethics, Sister Barbara Chyrowicz points to the sources of contemporary bioethical dilemmas. At the same time, she avoids a moralistic tone in order to provide readers with reliable knowledge instead. Bioethics... is reading for all those who want to understand the essence of the sensitive dilemmas of the contemporary world.

"Bioethical discussions are accompanied by constant disputes. They are principled in nature - they are essentially disputes over two different conceptions of the value of humanity. And although a number of specific issues will not strongly polarise the arguing parties, despite the divergences that emerge, (...) when it comes to discussing the ultimate justification of the positions adopted or the genesis of the moral value of an action, we are once again 'back in the ring' (...) Will learning the reasons why we sometimes differ so much in our assessment of bioethical problems eliminate the dispute itself? Certainly not, but it may make it more substantive."

(extract from the introduction)