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Narrative medicine Theory and practice

14 December 2022

Narrative medicine shies away from conventional models of the 'doctor-patient relationship' and instead invites us to a fascinating exploration of the dynamics of the encounter. It reminds us that it is only when we allow ourselves to go beyond the patterns resulting from reassuring strategies of co-existence with others and habits favouring remaining in the comfort zone that we gain the chance to authentically experience contact in its wide spectrum of conditions, connections, meanings, feelings, ambiguities or hidden fears and needs.

This orientation allows clinicians to practise medicine much more easily with a sense of relevance and with a greater commitment to the core goals of the profession.

Mateusz K. Potoniec, Hubert Syzdek (excerpt from the introduction to the Polish edition)

Narrative Medicine. Theory and Practice provides a structured presentation of the didactic methods of medical humanities and clearly presents its relevant ideas to readers previously unfamiliar with the field of narrative medicine, as well as to those who wish to delve into the concepts of narrative approaches in a more nuanced way. As a whole, the book suggests a number of intriguing touchpoints through which readers can engage in reflection on how attentiveness to the dialogic and narrative dimensions of contact can improve healthcare. The authors convincingly point to the continuing need for those who undertake clinical contact by virtue of their profession to continually seek new ways of integrating narrative concepts into their work. This book reflects an interdisciplinary effort to clarify the extensive and complex connections between the humanities and medicine, which

has been developing dynamically over the last decades. Narrative Medicine. Theory and Practice is likely to become a must-have item in the libraries of clinicians committed to improving the care they provide to their patients.

Prof. Małgorzata J.M. Nowaczyk, MD, MFA (review excerpt)

https://ruj.uj.edu.pl/xmlui/bitstream/handle/item/137094/zurzycka_radzik_medycyna_narracyj on_an outline_of_the_problem_2015.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y