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Dr Olaf Lubas, Monika Polipowska - Patient Wellbeing

10 December 2022

Patient wellbeing is a key concept in the nurse's work. It means caring for the patient's health and well-being and striving to provide the best possible medical care. For the nurse, patient well-being is not only a professional duty, but also a source of satisfaction and fulfilment. It is important to have good working tools to provide the best possible care to patients and to ensure that the nurse is satisfied with her job.

Patient well-being is a multidimensional aspect of medical care that concerns both the patient's physical health and well-being. The nurse should strive for the patient's well-being, but must remember that the patient's well-being also includes the patient's personal, emotional and spiritual situation. By fully understanding what the patient's well-being means, the nurse can provide comprehensive care and ensure the patient's best possible well-being. Even if investigations show serious health problems, the patient's well-being should remain at the forefront.