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Prof. Ewa Baum Recommends publication The Village Effect

10 December 2022

I recommend reading the book 'The Village Effect' by Susan Painter. This book is about how face-to-face contacts can affect our health, happiness and intelligence. The Polish edition of this popular science item was published in 2015 by Charaktery Publishing. In the era of pandemics, when people need the closeness of other people, this book takes on special significance. It is well worth considering, as the author presents research findings that show that people who feel loved, needed and important in their community have stronger bonds and social relationships, which translates into their health and longevity. I can recommend this position with full confidence.

It turns out that the way we eat and with whom we eat is crucial to our social bonds. The book also shows the dangers of the increasing use of electronic devices in our social relationships. Social media will never replace face-to-face contact, so it is worth paying attention. This post is a light-hearted read, but at the same time wise and relevant to today's times.