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Right to Information

10 December 2022

The patient has the right to be informed about his/her condition. This is a fundamental right of the patient, which should be exercised fully and in a way that the patient understands. In the case of minors or incapacitated persons, information about the state of health may be communicated to the legal representative or actual guardian. In the case of unconscious persons, health information may be communicated to relatives, in accordance with the applicable law.

The patient has the right to be informed about his/her diagnosis, proposed and possible alternative diagnostic and treatment methods, as well as medicines and their effects. The patient also has the right to information about prognosis, treatment plans and possible complications.

Doctors should provide patients with all necessary information about their condition and treatment, and listen to patients' questions and concerns. If the patient does not agree with the proposed treatment, the doctor should present alternative options to the patient. Patients have the right to express their opinion and take part in decisions about their health and treatment.

If a patient has doubts or feels that his or her right to information is not being respected, he or she can seek help from the Patient Ombudsman or the Patients' Rights Institute. Let us remember that the right to information is important and essential for the good health of the patient.